Easily Style Your SGS III ROM Your Way

Easily Style Your SGS III ROM Your Way

If you peruse XDA, you’ve likely installed custom ROMs on your phone. Often we find the perfect ROM when it comes to the features, but would prefer it to have a different look. Many times that can be changed with themes, but those can often vary from ROM to ROM, and not everyone may want to apply all the aspects of a theme.

XDA Senior Member rehpyc has come up with a way of customizing the look of your ROM installation right from recovery. The mod is built on the AROMA Installer, and it puts you into the driver seat—letting you choose your own modifications right from a touch-based GUI in recovery. Currently, you can choose the following styles:

  • Battery style
  • Clock position
  • Brightness slider
  • Placement of the date/clear button bar
  • Transparency % of the notification area
  • Number of lidroid toggles shown without scrolling
  • Text labels shown or hidden below those toggles

The mod is currently only available for the Galaxy S III, and being an initial release, it has its limitations. However, given the active development, and the possibility to integrate this into ROMs directly, there is a good amount of future potential.

To learn more and get started, head over to the original thread.

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