The Amazon Echo Dot is cheaper than ever before for Prime Day, grab one now!

The Amazon Echo Dot is cheaper than ever before for Prime Day, grab one now!

The Amazon Echo Dot might lose a little overall to its larger sibling but it’s still one of the very best smart speakers around. And the best time of the year to buy one is upon us, with Prime Day right here right now. The event runs from July 12 until the close of play on July 13, and the latest generation Echo Dot is reduced to its lowest price ever.

At its regular price of $50, it represents good value. At $20 it turns into a must-buy. Buy two and build a nifty stereo pair! You’ll have a better overall sound and still be 10 bucks better off!

The newest Echo Dot mimics the design of the regular Amazon Echo but is smaller. As such this tiny sphere simply can’t fit as much hardware inside, but what you get is still impressive. There’s plenty of volume, even though it has a single speaker inside, and the sound quality is superb, especially for this price point. You don’t get a dedicated woofer in the Echo Dot, it’s too small, but even so, it produces a surprising amount of bass. Especially if you pair multiple together.


Naturally, the big draw is Alexa and hands-free music. Even if you just want something to play your favorite tunes around the house, this is a great buy, and aside from YouTube Music, it supports essentially every major music streaming platform. Including Apple Music. Likewise, you can hook up a number of podcast services to listen to those around the home, too. Again, including from Apple.

    A new lowest price for Amazon's baby Echo, but don't be fooled. It packs a punch and is a must buy at this price.

The Echo Dot also makes a neat nightstand device, with or without the optional clock display. It’s a fine alarm clock, waking you up with your favorite sounds, tunes, or something altogether more obnoxious.

The deal will be live until Prime Day expires and is, of course, only available to Amazon Prime subscribers. Grab one (or more) while you can.

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