Level up Samsung’s Edge Lighting feature with Edge Lighting Infinity

Level up Samsung’s Edge Lighting feature with Edge Lighting Infinity

Since most modern Android smartphones don’t feature a notification LED, OEMs offer some really cool alternatives to alert users of incoming notifications. Samsung, for instance, offers the Edge Lighting feature on its devices, which lights up the edges of the display whenever you receive a new notification. The feature is quite customizable, and it gives you the option to select from a variety of cool effects and change the color and duration of the edge lighting. However, it isn’t as customizable as XDA Recognized Developer jagan2‘s new Edge Lighting Infinity app.

The Edge Lighting Infinity app takes Samsung’s built-in Edge Lighting feature to the next level by offering you a wide array of additional customization options. It lets you customize the Edge Lighting duration, pick from a wide array of styles and colors, repeat Edge Lighting for missed notifications, and much more.


Check out the section below for a full list of Edge Lighting Infinity features:

  • Edge Lighting Infinity features:
    • Control Edge Lighting duration.
    • Set a custom time interval (in seconds, minutes, or hours!).
    • Repeat/persistently show Edge Lighting for configurable number of recent notifications or for all unread notifications from all apps.
    • Edge Lighting by default will show at least once per unread notifications for all eligible apps. You can block a list of apps from repeating the Edge Lighting.
    • Edge Lighting styles, including app-based colors, and notification content-based colors, transparency, width, and effect customizations.

An alpha version of the Edge Lighting Infinity app is now available on the Play Store, and you can try it out by following the Play Store link below. In the XDA forum support thread for the app, jagan2 notes that while the app is compatible with all Samsung devices running Android 10 or later, it’s currently been tested on a limited number of Android 12 devices. If you face any issues on your phone, you can leave your feedback in the XDA forum thread linked above.

Edge Lighting Infinity
Developer: IJP
Price: Free

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