Microsoft Edge is getting a new tab page dedicated to Xbox gaming

Microsoft Edge is getting a new tab page dedicated to Xbox gaming

Microsoft is announcing a handful of new gaming-focused features for Edge and Windows 11 today. Among them, there’s a new tab page for Edge that focuses completely on Xbox gaming, and in fact, that’s one of the few things that are truly new. Many of today’s announcements are reiterating features that were announced previously, but many of them aren’t available yet.

Starting with the new tab page, it’s basically a hub for everything related to Xbox gaming. It’s basically going to show up as a new section on the existing new tab page, and it surfaces information about upcoming game releases, games you’ve played recently, game tournaments, and live streams you may be interested in watching. You can also quickly jump into games you were playing recently using cloud gaming.


Edge New Tab Page with Xbox Gaming content

If you do play games through cloud gaming with Microsoft Edge, you’ll also benefit from Clarity Boost, a feature that enhances the image quality of cloud games on the fly. If you’re playing games locally, Edge also has an efficiency mode that saves resources when a game is running, so your gaming experience is as smooth as possible. Another feature, which is available right now, is the Games menu available through the sidebar in Edge. This gives you quick access to Microsoft’s web-based games like Minesweeper and Solitaire.

On to new features in Windows 11 specifically, there’s soon going to be a Game Pass widget in the Widgets panel. This will let you browse games available on Game Pass and make it easier to start playing them right away. There’s also the new Controller bar, a new version of the Xbox game bar designed to work better with Xbox controllers. This makes it easier to launch your games with an Xbox controller.

Controller on Windows 11 background

Microsoft is also working on a new HDR calibration app so you can get the best HDR experience out of your monitor, and there are optimizations on the way for windowed games. This will allow windowed games to benefit from features like variable refresh rate and Auto HDR, which are usually only available in full-screen games. This feature is part of Windows 11 version 22H2, which should be generally available in the coming months.

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