Say goodbye to Wi-Fi deadzones with this Prime Day deal on an Eero 6+ mesh router kit

Say goodbye to Wi-Fi deadzones with this Prime Day deal on an Eero 6+ mesh router kit

The depth of Amazon’s hardware catalog really shines on a big event like Prime Day. Eero, the Wi-Fi router branch on the Amazon tree, is no exception, and the Prime Day deals are still around for a few more hours. There are savings to be had right across the Eero range, but one of the absolute best is on the Eero 6+ kit.

Normally the 3-pack goes for $299 but the Prime Day discount is already in effect and brings a new all-time lowest price. From now until Prime Day ends at 23:59 on July 13 you can keep over $100 in your pocket versus the regular asking price, and that makes this one of the hottest Wi-Fi router deals around.


Why is the Eero 6+ Mesh Wi-Fi kit worth picking up then? Compared to just your regular ISP-supplied router, you’re going to have a much better time with any Mesh. The systems use a dedicated backend to work in tandem and completely cover your home with a strong wireless signal. The Eero 6+ supports Wi-Fi 6 and wireless speeds up to a gigabit. It also has additional bandwidth on the 160 MHz band, which apparently is code for “faster connectivity”.

    Say goodbye to Wi-Fi deadzones with this Wi-Fi 6 Mesh kit that will bathe your home in delicious connectivity.

The goal of the Eero 6+ is to deliver fast, solid Wi-Fi all around your home, but you actually get much more than that. For starters, each node has a pair of gigabit Ethernet ports on the rear. Even though the performance from the Eero 6+ wireless should be pretty good, for some tasks, such as gaming, hooking in with a cable is still preferable.

Perhaps more intriguing is the smart home capabilities of the Eero 6+. Being an Amazon product it is, of course, compatible with Alexa. But not just for mundane tasks like controlling Wi-Fi access. The Eero 6+ supports Zigbee and Thread, and when it launches, Matter. This makes it possible to use an Eero 6+ as the heart of your smart home by pairing devices to it and then linking out to Alexa.

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