Eight Forums Going to Legacy Template Today

Eight Forums Going to Legacy Template Today

As we continually strive to make XDA as fast as possible for our users, we often have to make some tough choices. Almost a year ago we introduced the Legacy Template, which helped to shorten our forum index by offloading the older/less popular devices to another place. All devices listed in the Legacy Template are still accessible just as normal, but they just don’t appear in the main forum index. Today (by 1PM Eastern) we’re adding eight more forums to the Legacy Template. This, coupled with some reduction in size to images, should improve the loading speed of the main forum index. If you’re a regular of any of these forums, be sure to add a new bookmark so that you can easily find your way back:

– HTC Kaiser

– HTC Shift

– HTC Rose

– HTC Maple

– HTC Mega

– Acer F1

– Acer A1

– LG Monaco

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