Electro Icon Set for Windows Mobile

Electro Icon Set for Windows Mobile

Some users complain when new icon sets are released as a lot of them seem to share similar aesthetics – it’s not hard to find square and glossy icons for your device, and while this is definitely not a bad thing, this style isn’t appealing to everyone’s taste.

The same can’t be said for XDA member¬†popdog54‘s “shocking” new Electro icon set. In addition to the more traditional square buttons, popdog54 has also created the bright and colourful icons within a circular border. This, when paired with the fork of electricity which flows through the background of each of the icons, gives this set quite an original look.

In order to make them as customisable as possible, the developer has created six separate versions of the set, each with a different background colour. You can pick from a selection of blue, cyan, green, purple, red and yellow backgrounds for the icons of your favourite applications.

You can find more information in ¬†the icon’s thread.

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