ElementalX Kernel Available for the OnePlus 5

ElementalX Kernel Available for the OnePlus 5

While the OnePlus 5 is yet to reach consumers’ hand in most markets, development for the device has already kicked off. XDA Recognized Member flar2 has brought his popular ElementalX kernel to the OnePlus 5. It goes without saying that you’ll require a custom recovery installed on your OnePlus 5 to flash this kernel.

The full list of features currently supported can be found below:

  • Easy installation and setup with Aroma installer
  • Wake Gestures support (sweep2wake & doubletap2wake)
  • Advanced color control
  • Sweep2sleep
  • Backlight dimmer
  • Underclock CPU
  • Adjust or disable vibration
  • FIOPS, CFQ, deadline, noop and SIO i/o schedulers
  • NTFS r/w support
  • Option to disable fsync
  • performance and power optimizations
  • Does not force encryption
  • Compatible with systemless root

Check it out by clicking the forum link below!

Get the ElementalX Kernel for the OnePlus

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