The Elephone S7 Has a Double-Curved Design with Near-Zero Bezels

The Elephone S7 Has a Double-Curved Design with Near-Zero Bezels

The Elephone S7, as was the case with the Galaxy Note 7, features a dual-curved design, which means that the surface on the front and back curve towards the edge. The net result is a phone that feels really comfortable to hold, and is impressive to look at, especially considering that the curve on the front lends to a near-zero bezel. Let’s take a closer look at the Elephone S7, which, in its top 4GB/64GB configuration, can be had for just $239.99.


When picking an Elephone S7, you have several choices. The first choice is screen size: you can opt for a more manageable 5.2″ display or the larger 5.5″ screen, both of which are FHD, edge-to-edge, and protected by Gorilla Glass.


The second choice you have is color. You can choose from green (which we absolutely love–seriously–it’s awesome), as well as black, blue, and gold.


Here’s a closer look at that amazing green color. All S7 models feature a light-reflecting pattern on the back that reminds us a lot of the Honor 8.


Other specs of the Elephone S7 include the MediaTek Helio X20 deca-core CPU, a 13MP camera on the rear and 5MP camera on the front, a 3000mAh battery for the larger phone and 2450mAh for the 5.2″ model (both with 2A fast-charging), plus a variety of RAM/ROM choices with the cheapest coming in at 2GB/32GB for the smaller phone, and up to 4GB/64GB for the larger phone. All models support microSD memory expansion up to 128GB, or you can drop in two SIMs. Also worth noting: the S7 runs near-stock Android Marshmallow with a planned upgrade to Nougat in the coming months.

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