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Upgrade your streaming setup with these amazing Elgato early Cyber Monday deals

Upgrade your streaming setup with these amazing Elgato early Cyber Monday deals

Elgato is considered second to none when it comes to streaming goodies and it’s a highly popular brand in the streaming community. From capture cards to ring lights, Elgato has pretty much everything you’d need to build an excellent streaming setup. The company has dropped its prices on a whole bunch of streaming accessories as a part of its early Cyber Monday sale, and we think they’re worth checking out. We’re rounding up all the best Elgato early Cyber Monday deals in this article, so it’s easy for you to find all the amazing offers in one place. Let’s get started:


    This is perhaps the most popular streaming accessory out there on the market right now. The Elgato Stream Deck comes with 15 customizable keys that let you switch screens, launch media, adjust audio, and more. It's fairly simple to set up and it works with a whole bunch of streaming software including OBS. This particular Elgato Stream Deck with 15 keys is down to just $100 from its usual price of $150.

    The Elgato Key Light is a simple accessory that brings better lighting to your streaming setup. This particular model comes with 80 LEDs that are fully customizable via an app. It also comes with a desk clamp stand made from solid metal to hold it in place. The Key Light is now down to $150 from its usual price of $200, which is a great deal.

    A green screen is great to hide the background of yourself on stream. This collapsible green screen is easy to carry around and it takes mere seconds to get it up and running. It features a wrinkle-resistant screen that's optimized for Camera Chroma keying. The Elgato Green Screen is now available for just $128, down from its usual price of $160.

    A microphone is perhaps the most important part of a streaming setup and we think the Elgato Wave:3 is a great option to consider. It's a 36 kHz cardioid mic with a clipguard. It offers seven audio sources with which you can easily handle software volumes individually. This particular mic comes mounted on a U-shaped mount over a padded base. The Elgato Wave:3 is now available for just $120, saving you $30 on a good-quality microphone.

    The Elgato HD60 S+ is an excellent capture card for console gamers who're looking to either capture gameplay footage or simply stream it live on a platform. It can capture 1080p 60FPS gameplay or allows 4K 60 FPS HDR10 passthrough with no lag. It's very easy to set up and it stays on your desk or behind the console itself, without taking up too much space. You can now save $50 on this capture card as part of the Cyber Monday sale.

    The Elgato HD60 Pro capture card can be placed inside your PC case as it connects directly to the motherboard. It can both capture and pass through 1080p60 gameplay for a smooth, lag-free streaming experience. This one's down to just $100 on Amazon right now, saving you as much as $71 for other components.

Well, these are the best Elgato early Cyber Monday deals we could find online right now. There are a bunch of bundles you can grab to save more money together, but the items are more or less the same. We think the Elgato Stream Deck and the HD60 S+ are two of the best and most important items on this list, while others are great accessories to enhance your overall experience. The Elgato Key Light would also be a great addition to your setup if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up professional studio lights. We’ve added a whole bunch of other deals to our collection of the best Black Friday PC and gaming deals page, so be sure to check it out while you’re here. A lot of the deals on that page are still alive and kicking. We’re adding more to it as we find better products.

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