Emergency Reset lets you quickly revoke data access in case of domestic abuse

Emergency Reset lets you quickly revoke data access in case of domestic abuse

Apple prides itself on its ecosystem play, meaning that you get more use out of your Apple devices the more Apple devices you have. This also extends to devices beyond your own self, as Apple makes it rewarding and rather seamless to have a shared experience with other Apple users. But often, relationships can go south, and such a seamless experience can be come cumbersome to quickly undo. Apple recognizes this, as the newest feature in iOS is Emergency Reset within Safety Check, letting you quickly revoke data access whenever you want.

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Safety Check within iOS is where the new Emergency Reset feature will rest. Essentially, this feature will let you quickly and rather seamlessly take control back over all the various ways you may have been sharing your data with other people and apps.


While we hope no one is in situations where they need to use this feature, we realize we don’t live in this ideal world. You could be sharing a lot of your data with a significant other, and if the relationship turns abusive, you’d need to not only quickly get yourself and your loved ones to safety, but you’d also need to ensure your safety remains uncompromised. To realize that your location and other data such as iMessage and more remains shared with your partner through this ordeal will be rather harrowing. Emergency Reset is where it gets easier, as you can quickly stop sharing all data with all people and apps with just a few clicks. This setting will sign you out of iCloud on devices other than the one you are holding, ensuring that you don’t accidentally continue to share information on devices you may have had to leave behind.

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As Apple mentions, this feature is targeted toward victims of domestic abuse, giving them some power back to secure themselves as they need. We appreciate this step towards ensuring their safety. You can check out other iOS 16 features such as lockscreen changes.

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