EMUI 12 Available for Global Beta Testers

EMUI 12 Available for Global Beta Testers

In August of this year, HUAWEI announced the EMUI 12 update designed for HUAWEI smartphones and tablets. While the company is making a big push to HarmonyOS, EMUI 12 is an update designed for many of the devices that will not be getting HarmonyOS. However, new UI designs and features bring some of the best aspects of HarmonyOS to these phones. As of early November, global beta testers will have access to EMUI 12.

EMUI 12 Compatible Devices

When these devices start getting updated to EMUI 12, users will have access to many HarmonyOS inspired features. These features will focus on improved multi-device collaboration, more natural animations, a new control panel, and better performance and privacy.


Redesigned User Interface

The new user interface is designed with primarily three colors. Black, white, and blue are used for nearly all of the UI elements throughout the system. This gives EMUI 12 a very simple but refreshing look. You’ll also find these colors in the newly designed control panel, which closely resembles what you’d see in HarmonyOS.

EMUI 12 has been inspired by nature, with animations that mimic gravitational and magnetic motion, as well as the movement of celestial objects, in order to achieve more natural and vivid interactions.


All-New Control Panel

With the all-new Control Panel, you can access the most commonly used settings by swiping down. Quickly and easily manage your audio files, Bluetooth devices, and Wi-Fi networks. You will also find shortcut switches and seamless switching between devices with Device + Smart Collaboration.

Using the Control Panel, you can easily transfer audio from your phone to wireless headphones, video to a larger smart screen, messages and calls to your tablet, or view and edit photos and other files from your phone on your laptop.

With EMUI 12, web pages and apps load faster, and the response of the system remains fast even after long-term usage. More privacy-protecting options were also added to the device unlocking process.

HUAWEI’s EMUI 12 for the nova 9 has already been available in Europe, but the release of the EMUI 12 will bring HarmonyOS to other devices around the world. It remains to be seen how updates will unfold in the future.

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