EMUI 9.0 Gets Global Release for Honor 10, Honor Play, and Honor View 10

EMUI 9.0 Gets Global Release for Honor 10, Honor Play, and Honor View 10

Honor’s latest software update for their phones comes in the form of EMUI 9. Today, EMUI 9 is going through a global release which will be available for the following phones: Honor 10, Honor Play, Honor View 10, Huawei Mate 10 and Huawei P20.

Available Channel Phone Model Versions Eligible for Android 9.0 Update
Asia Pacific Mate10 ALP-L29 ALP-L29
Asia Pacific Mate10 Pro BLA-L29C BLA-L29
Asia Pacific P20 Emily-L29C EML-L29
Asia Pacific P20 Pro CLT-L29C CLT-L29
Asia Pacific Honor 10 Columbia-L29D COL-L29
Asia Pacific Honor Play Cornell-L29 COR-L29
Asia Pacific Honor View 10 Berkeley-L09 BKL-L09

How to Update:

Update your compatible phone using the HiCare app and register for Android 9.0.

Open the HiCare app and follow these steps: Log in > Select country/region > Agree to the User Agreement and Privacy Notice > Update > Request update > Apply > Checking for new system update > Download and install.

Have you received the Android 9/EMUI 9 update? Let us know what you think in the forums.

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