How to enable Always on Display on the OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, and OnePlus 6

How to enable Always on Display on the OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, and OnePlus 6

There are some smartphone features that have become so standard that many of us automatically assume every new phone will have them. Double tap to sleep/wake is one that I assume a smartphone with an AMOLED screen will have and it seems like we’re getting to that point with the always-on display as well. The OnePlus 6 had the always on display feature removed due to battery concerns, but there’s a Magisk Module that will bring the feature to the OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, and the OnePlus 6.

This always-on display feature was included in the initial firmware that shipped with the OnePlus 6, but it has since been removed due to battery concerns. It can be easily brought back for anyone who has Magisk installed as there is now a module specifically for this feature. Since OxygenOS is so similar across devices, we have noticed that it will also bring the always on display feature to the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T as well.

  1. First, you will need root and Magisk.
  2. Download the Magisk Module from the page linked below.
  3. Install it within the Magisk Manager application.
  4. Once installed, reboot the OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, or the OnePlus 6 so the changes can take effect.
  5. After rebooting your phone, you will find the always-on display feature tucked away in the Display section of the Settings application.

A growing number of people are keeping their smartphone on a flat surface rather than keeping it in their pocket. This is why so many people like the always-on display feature since it’s easy to glance over at the phone to check the time, date, weather, and notifications. It just makes sense for smartphones with an AMOLED screen include this feature as the act of lighting up the minimal amount of pixels doesn’t use much of the phone’s battery life.

Check out this Magisk Module in our OnePlus 5T forum

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