How to Enable the App Twin Feature on Huawei & Honor Devices with EMUI 5.0

How to Enable the App Twin Feature on Huawei & Honor Devices with EMUI 5.0

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EMUI 5.0 launched with the Huawei Mate 9 and it came with a feature called App Twin. App Twin allows you to clone certain applications so you can set up multiple accounts. The original list of applications that App Twin lets you clone is fairly limited, but we figured out how to make it work with any app and on any launcher.

App Twin isn’t enabled on all devices with EMUI 5.0, though, especially on those devices which received an update to it. The functionality is still there, but it seems like the company hid or disabled it for some reason. Thankfully, XDA Senior Member shashank1320 has figured out a way that allows you to enable this feature on various EMUI 5.0 devices.

This method does require root access though since we’re editing system property files in the /system partition. What you’ll be doing is using a root enabled file explorer such as MiXplorer to edit files in this path: /system/emui/lite/prop.

Developer: Hootan Parsa
Price: Free

You’re going to be editing the local.prop file (be sure to copy this file and save it elsewhere in case something goes wrong!) Change the following lines:

fw.max_users=1 to 2
fw.show_multiuserui=0 to 1
ro.config.hw_support_clone_app=false to true

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