Enable DTS 3D Stereo sound on all LG V30 variants [Root]

Enable DTS 3D Stereo sound on all LG V30 variants [Root]

There are a number of cases where an OEM is using hardware in their device but then goes in and uses the software to limit its capabilities. The enthusiast community here at XDA is well known for bypassing these restrictions, but then there’s a case like LG. They have added (and even mentioned the addition of a feature in an OTA changelog) but ended up messing up the initial implementation of a feature. This seems to have happened with the LG V30 variants and their DTS 3D Stereo sound.

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As XDA Recognized Contributor ChazzMatt notes in the forum thread, the LG V30 update that was rolled out in November of last year mentioned the addition of DTS 3D Stereo. However, the new feature does not appear as a separate entry which means that you can not turn it on or off. Thankfully, with root access, we can fix this mistake on all variants of the LG V30 (V30/V30+/V30S) but as of right now it has only been confirmed to work on the US998 model even though the DTS announcement was published on LG’s Korea website.


To get this working, we just need to use a root file explorer (or build.proper editor) and add the following to the bottom of the file:


Check out this mod in our LG V30 forum

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