How to enable ECG and blood pressure on Galaxy Watch 4 paired with non-Samsung phones

Starting with the Galaxy Watch Active 2, Samsung added sensors to measure your blood pressure and take an ECG reading. These features are also available on the company’s latest Galaxy Watch 4 series and last year’s Galaxy Watch 3. But because of regulatory requirements, the functionality has quite a few restrictions.

To record your blood pressure or take an ECG with your new Galaxy Watch 4, you’ll need to download the Samsung Health Monitor app. The Samsung Health Monitor app runs on both the phone and the watch and syncs data between the two, but before you can use it, you need to meet a few requirements.

For starters, you can only use Samsung Health Monitor with an unmodified Samsung phone. A device from another brand or a rooted Samsung device won’t be able to run it normally. There’s also an age restriction, which only lets you take measurements if you’re at least 22 years old. These restrictions are probably related to regulations. Thankfully, it’s possible to bypass these restrictions so you can enable ECG and blood pressure readings on your Galaxy Watch 4 no matter what device it’s paired with or your age or region.

A bypass for these restrictions was once discovered for the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch 3 through a modded version of the Samsung Health Monitor app for the phone and watch. And now the same is true for the new Galaxy Watch 4 series. You can’t use the same modded app as before to bypass the Galaxy Watch 4 restrictions, though, since the Galaxy Watch 4 runs Wear OS instead of Tizen like Samsung’s older watches do. Thankfully, the process for installing this modded Samsung Health Monitor app is similar to how it was done before (although it’s a lot easier on the watch end).

Installing the modded Samsung Health Monitor app

Installing the modded Samsung Health Monitor app is fairly simple. All you need is a specific app, an Android phone, and the modded APKs.

The basic process is to install the modded phone app, followed by the modded watch app. Then you should be able to open Samsung Health Monitor to get things set up and running.

For the full instructions, including troubleshooting steps and download links, be sure to check out the forum thread.

Features & Limitations

Since this is an unofficial modification of the Samsung Health Monitor app, don’t expect a completely bug-free experience. When the developer first released this mod last month, it wasn’t possible to sync blood pressure data between your watch and the Samsung Health app on your phone. However, thanks to a tip from XDA Member pavanmaverick, the developer figured out how to resolve this problem. I personally helped the developer figure out a way to get the “set feature” button to show up in version 6.18 of the Samsung Health app, which is necessary to make BP data sync work, so you’ll no longer need to downgrade the Samsung Health app just to sync BP data.

If you have any issues while using this mod, you should know that the developer behind this mod, XDA Senior Member Dante63, is a volunteer doing this on his spare time. Thus, you may not be able to rely on this mod in the future if the developer ceases active development (presuming someone else doesn’t take up the mantle.)

Use Galaxy Watch 4’s ECG & Blood Pressure Monitoring with non-Samsung phones

It’s pretty great to see a mod to unlock Samsung Health Monitor for (almost) everybody. While you shouldn’t be using the Galaxy Watch 4’s ECG or blood pressure reader for anything medical (even with the restrictions in place), they’re still a useful measurement for fitness comparisons.

If you’ve got your Galaxy Watch 4 already and haven’t been able to get Samsung Health Monitor set up, give this mod a try.

Update 1 (09/21/2021 @ 1:01 PM ET): This article has been updated to reflect that syncing blood pressure data now works.

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