How to enable Google Pay in unsupported countries on Wear OS

How to enable Google Pay in unsupported countries on Wear OS

Contactless payment is one of the best features of smartwatches, but users from many regions don’t have the luxury to use it. That’s because there are still a lot of countries around the world that don’t officially have Google Pay support. If you have a Wear OS smartwatch and live in an unsupported country, though, you can now use a solution by XDA Senior Member Humpie. His application, Permanent Proxy, is designed for Wear OS devices and lets anyone use Google Pay in regions where it’s normally blocked.

To do that, the application uses the http_proxy service that is built into Android. The only caveat is that the command to run the service can only be executed via ADB shell, which by itself requires a computer. Permanent Proxy uses ADB over Bluetooth as a workaround for this issue. That way, you only need the smartwatch and a proxy to use the service. There are a lot of proxies online, so make sure to find one that is trustworthy, reliable, and doesn’t change the address often. If you find a provider that offers a static IP address for a proxy, you can even enable the auto-startup option in Permanent Proxy to run the app when the device boots.


Without further ado, let’s explain how to get it working.

  1. First, you have to enable Developer options on your Wear OS smartwatch. Go to Settings > System > About and tap the build number 7 times
  2. Navigate to Settings > Developer options and enable the ADB debugging and Debug over Bluetooth options
  3. Now, you have to download the app either from XDA Labs or the Google Play Store and open it
  4. Tap on Always allow this computer
  5. Input the proxy address and port of your choice and optionally enable the Enable on boot option

The obvious shortcomings of this method are that you have to trust the proxy provider, face possible battery drain issues, and deal with potentially slow connections on the device. Anyhow, you can now use Google Pay on your Wear OS device, even if it is unsupported in your country.

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