Enable Status Bar Battery Percentage Readout on Stock KitKat

Enable Status Bar Battery Percentage Readout on Stock KitKat

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If you’re lucky enough to already have your hands on a  or a device with a daily driver status KitKat build, you are probably well familiar with many of the new features in the latest and greatest version of Google’s nearly ubiquitous mobile OS. However, not every new feature is exactly fully baked, and one such partially completed new addition requires a bit of trickery to unveil.

XDA Forum Member kroegerama created an application that works with Android 4.4 KitKat to unveil the operating system’s built-in status bar battery percentage readout.  This feature is not officially available yet, which is why it’s not selectable from within any stock menu within the OS. However, by modifying one value, you can now expose the work-in-progress status bar battery percentage readout.

Of course, you could always download an aftermarket battery application to display the battery percentage in your status bar. However, this involves a potentially resource consuming additional app. On the other hand, once toggled, kroegerama’s app can then be uninstalled and the enabled functionality remains.

Unfortunately, there’s a catch. The reason why it cannot yet be enabled from within the app is that the feature’s not entirely complete yet. As can be seen from the screenshots to the right, the text color is the same color as the battery icon itself, which means that you can’t read the number until your battery is low. In any case, this may provide a little bit of extra information for those looking to keep an eye on their battery level without the need for an additional app to be installed.

Make your way over to the application thread to get started.