Enhance Your Samsung Galaxy 8 With Zero Camera Mod

Enhance Your Samsung Galaxy 8 With Zero Camera Mod

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a spectacular camera, but there are ways to make it even better. All you need to do is flashing a mod created by XDA Senior Member zeroprobe.

The Zero Camera Mod includes many improvements and the removal of various restrictions, as we often see with such camera mods. For instance, you will be able to use the HDR in 4K or choose your own custom gallery. Features include:

  • HDR for 4K / QHD
  • AutoFocus Tracking all modes
  • No Recording Time Limits
  • Increased Bitrates
  • Increased JPG quality for single and burst shots.
  • Installs latest Samsung Camera revision
  • Video Effects for modes 4K / QHD
  • Choose your own custom Gallery – App
  • Remove No Flash limit at 15% battery – App

To flash the mod you need to modify a few system files, so root access and a custom recovery are required. Installing this mod may also affect your SafetyNet status. Head over to the forum thread to get more details.

Visit the forum thread