Enjoy Floating Texting with SMS Small App

Enjoy Floating Texting with SMS Small App

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Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other communicators are not intended to be used as foreground applications due to their occasional use. Instead they are usually used as background apps and opened only when needed. These communicators are very popular but are still far behind SMS, which is in use by almost every phone in the world.

Facebook was one of the first applications that made use of floating windows. Floating technology has become quite popular and even found its way to Sony’s firmware. XDA Forum Member luutinhit.1412 decided to connect good old SMS with floating technology and this is how his SMS Small App came about.

With this application you can quickly read and reply to up to 5 persons on the same screen. There are also options to call the person you’re currently conversing with, or even change the background of the window. Application’s name is referring to Small Apps known from Sony’s firmware, however there is no problem with running this application on every device with Android 4.2 or newer. luutinhut.1412 has prepared a dedicated version for Sony ROMs as well, so you can select which version suits you more.

Make texting nice and not disruptive by using the the SMS Small App. Check it out and let the developer know your thoughts.