Entry-level Samsung Galaxy S10 may have a side fingerprint scanner

Entry-level Samsung Galaxy S10 may have a side fingerprint scanner

It’s early days yet, but we are already starting to see rumors and leaks for Samsung’s next S series flagships, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10+. Reports have indicated that the Plus model may have triple cameras, and it may have a 6.44-inch display. There may be three models of the Galaxy S10, and they may feature UFS 3.0 storage. They will reportedly have a 3D sensor to replace the iris scanner as well.

Now, a report by The Bell states that Samsung is developing three variants of the Galaxy S10. Citing “the parts industry,” the report states that the variants will be code-named Beyond 0, Beyond 1 and Beyond 2. Beyond 0 is interesting as it’s said to be an entry-level variant. Beyond 1 will be the general Samsung Galaxy S10 variant, while the Beyond 2 will be a large variant, probably the Galaxy S10+.

The Bell states that the Beyond 1 (Galaxy S10) and the Beyond 2 (Galaxy S10+) will feature Fingerprint on Display (FOD), that is, an in-display fingerprint sensor. The entry-level Beyond 0 variant is being introduced for the first-time in the S series lineup, and it will not feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. Instead, it will reportedly have a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, similar to the Motorola Moto Z3 Play and past Sony devices. The decision to exclude an in-display fingerprint sensor on the Beyond 0 variant has been reportedly made to cut costs.

It’s said to be the first time that Samsung is reportedly trying out the side-mounted fingerprint sensor in a Galaxy S series phone. The sensor is likely to be located along on the right edge of the user’s thumb, according to The Bell.

The report continues by stating that Fingerprint on Display is the biggest differentiating factor of the Galaxy S10 series. It’s the first attempt in the technology, and it comes with a considerable increase in expenses. An in-display fingerprint sensor module is estimated to cost $15, which is seven times more than the $2 price tag of a fingerprint module that is located in Samsung’s existing flagship phones.

Qualcomm is said to be the supplier of sensors needed for FOD, according to the report. Modularization of Qualcomm sensors is being done by O-Film, a Chinese camera module maker. Samsung Display is said to be receiving modules from Oh-film and attaching it to the back of the OLED panels of the Galaxy S10 series.

Specifications of the Galaxy S10 series haven’t been finalized yet, as the company has changed its strategies after reduction in growth. The decision to add the Beyond 0 model was reportedly announced this month.

It’s important to note that all of the information mentioned in this report could be incorrect. There is still a very long time before the launch of Samsung’s next-generation S series flagships.

Source: The Bell (in Korean)

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