Epic Audio Visualizer Live Wallpapers – Epic!

Epic Audio Visualizer Live Wallpapers – Epic!

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you own one or more Android device(s). If that’s the case, chances are you also know about the audio spectrum and waveform live wallpapers stocked with Android. They’re cool, aren’t they? But not quite… ‘all that’, if you know what I mean. It would be better if you could edit the wallpapers a bit more, but alas, you cannot.

However, don’t be sad! XDA memberĀ Metastable has a solution for us. He’s released what he likes to call the ‘Epic Audio Visualizer Wallpaper’, which works just the same as the stock audio wallpapers, but with extra settings, allowing you to get exactly the look that you want from your device.

The app is provided for free and is available for download via both a QR code and the Market. So, if you’d like to pick yourself up this awesome collection of wallpapers, head on over to the original thread and give the designer a little dose of support!

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