Essential starts hiring software engineers in India

Essential starts hiring software engineers in India

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While Andy Rubin’s Essential no longer sells its only smartphone, the company has reportedly been working on a new mobile device. The device was first teased back in December last year when the company confirmed that they were “hard at work on [their] next mobile product“. Then, late last month we received confirmation from a company spokesperson that this new device had already reached early testing. And now, in what could be a related development, the company is looking to expand its workforce in India to work on upcoming projects.

In a recent tweet from the company’s official account, Essential posted openings for engineers and designers for its Bangalore, India office. As per its website, these new hires will work on Android and Cloud technology to build, design and power future products and platforms for the company. Currently, there are 9 openings, including positions for a CloudOps engineer, an Interaction/UX designer, a Linux engineer, Software development in-test engineer and Software engineers for the Android framework, applications, back-end, C++, and Speech recognition/Machine learning.

We aren’t exactly sure what these new hires will be working on: it’s quite possible that they’ll be focusing on testing the upcoming device, or other future products keeping in mind their acquisition of the company behind Newton Mail late last year.

Speaking of upcoming devices, even though Essential itself hasn’t confirmed what exactly it’s working on, we were able to gather some significant information from a build bot email sent to XDA Recognized Developer Luk1337. According to the email, the upcoming Essential device, codenamed “gem”, will run a build based on Android 10 which uses “microg” – the free and open-source alternative framework to Google Play Services. This suggests that the device might not ship with Google Play apps and services on board. Additionally, the email also hints that the device will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 chip. As of now, that’s all that we know about Essential’s new mobile product, but we expect to learn more from the company as the launch draws closer.