Essential’s US Launch is Imminent, Also Coming to UK, Western Europe and Japan

Essential’s US Launch is Imminent, Also Coming to UK, Western Europe and Japan

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Andy Rubin and Essential officially unveiled their smartphone a couple of months ago toward the end of May. At the time, they hadn’t come up with a launch date for the device, but were asking people to pre-order the device directly on their website. The next day, Andy Rubin appeared on stage at Recode’s Code Conference where he spoke with Walt Mossberg and said the Essential Phone should be launched sometime within the month of June.

We’re already half way through July though and the device still has yet to ship to its first batch of customers. Some speculate this is due to Essential being a small company and the unique materials they’re using (which are titanium and ceramic). While we do not know exactly what the hold up is for the company’s launch in the United States, Essential’s Chief Operating Officer Niccolo de Masi was able to confirm that the launch is “imminent.”

So not only is the reason for the delay up for speculation, but we also don’t know when the Essential Phone will finally begin shipping. We are told that along with a United States and Canada launch, Essential is planning to release the device in other markets as well. The company confirmed they were in meetings with officials from EE just last week so we can expect the Essential Phone to be made available to customers in the UK from at least one mobile carrier.

Not only that, but Essential also has plans to launch their first Android smartphone in western Europe, and Japan as well. Just like with their other launches though, an official date has yet to be revealed so customers in those countries will have to wait for more information on the matter. Until then, this video of the phone being used on public transit is the closest most of us will get to an Essential Phone.

Source: Financial Times