Essential Launches Three Limited Edition Colors for the Essential Phone: Ocean Depths, Stellar Gray and Copper Black

Essential Launches Three Limited Edition Colors for the Essential Phone: Ocean Depths, Stellar Gray and Copper Black

The Essential Phone’s issues have been well-documented. On the other hand, the phone does have its fair share of strengths, with its design being one of its best attributes. Its 5.7-inch 19:10 aspect ratio display has almost no bezels (although it does have an unconventional camera cutout), which makes the phone’s body more appealing than competitors such as the OnePlus 5T or the Google Pixel 2 XL. Its build quality is also noteworthy thanks to the phone’s titanium frame and a ceramic back, two materials which are uncommon in the smartphone industry in the face of cheaper alternatives such as aluminium and glass.

At launch, Essential stated that the Stellar Grey and Ocean Depths colors for the Essential Phone would launch in short order. After a long wait, the company has launched three new limited edition colors for the device: Ocean Depths, Stellar Grey, and Copper Black. The colors will be available exclusively on for $599, which is $100 more expensive than the price of the Moon Black Essential Phone. Asking users to pay an extra $100 for a limited edition color isn’t usually a great idea, but in Essential’s case, two of the new colors are rather unique.

In a post, the company acknowledged that users and potential customers have been waiting for a long time for these new colors, and stated that developing custom colors for ceramic is “much more complex and challenging than altering colors on standard materials such as plastic”. Colored ceramic is said to be “extremely difficult” to produce consistently, and therefore the company has made only a “small batch” of each of these new colors (the exact number of limited edition units produced was not detailed).

The Ocean Depths color matches a gold titanium frame with an ocean blue ceramic back, and stands out the most when choosing from the three new limited edition colors. The company says that it will “make waves among a sea of lookalike devices”.

Stellar Gray, on the other hand, has a matte black back which is said to offer a smooth touch and comfortable grip. The titanium frame’s color is also black.

The third new color, Copper Black, was not shown off before. It has a “high gloss and black ceramic back”, contrasted with a “warm copper band”.

The three new limited edition colors will go on sale at different times. The first to go on sale will be Ocean Depths on Thursday, 12PM PST. The Stellar Gray color will follow it by going on sale next Tuesday, February 20 at 12PM PST. Finally, the Copper Black color will go on sale on next Thursday, February 22 at 12PM PST.

While the new colors do stand-out, it’s disappointing to see that they carry a higher price tag than the standard variant of the Essential Phone, particularly when considering the fact that the phone hasn’t been a great seller. Regardless, they will likely satisfy those users who have been waiting for this launch for a long time.

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