Essential Phone receiving Android Pie (Android 9) today

Essential Phone receiving Android Pie (Android 9) today

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Essential has been doing an impressive job with Android P beta builds. Literally just hours after Google releases an update, Essential sends it out to the Essential Phone. Now that Android Pie (Android 9) is official, Essential is doing it again. They have already announced that Pie is rolling out starting today.

Some Essential Phone owners are already receiving the update. I don’t even have it on my Google Pixel 2 yet. Despite some concerns about the future of the company, Essential has been taking care of current users. This will only make people more willing to purchase their next device if they ever release a new one.

Download Android Pie (Android 9) for the Essential Phone

If you haven’t yet received the updated, we have the OTA image you can sideload as well as the factory image you can flash. Here’s the download links:

Essential PH-1 Android 9 Factory Image Essential PH-1 Android 9 OTA Image

What’s new in Android 9

We’ve already covered the Android P features in depth with every new beta release. Check out all of our posts below for details about the new features. If you’ve been following along with the beta releases, this final build won’t have a ton of new stuff. Digital Wellbeing and Slices won’t be available until the Fall for non-beta users. You can sign up here to join.