Essential Phone’s notch settings may return in future Android Pie update

Essential Phone’s notch settings may return in future Android Pie update

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Following the release of Android Pie for the Essential Phone, there was one specific, highly used setting that was missing: notch settings. The Essential Phone’s notch may have been its most controversial design aspect, but it was possible to customize how each app uses the status bar/notch area. The notch settings were present in Android Oreo but weren’t brought back with the official Android Pie release. Even though Android Pie officially brings support for notches, it’s up to developers to update their apps to take advantage of this space—which means most users would have to wait for their favorite apps to support the notch. According to a representative of Essential posting on Reddit’s monthly Ask Me Anything, the built-in notch settings may be brought back in a future update.

We have discussed this internally and now that P has launched, it is very apparent from our community that you guys want this back in. It will take a bit of work since it is not a 1:1 code transfer from 8.1 to 9.0 given google changed the notch logic so a portion of the code will have to be re-written. But for time frame on implementation it will likely not be in the next security release given it will all need to be re-tested for stability. Thanks for pushing though…. We literally quote these comments when in roadmap planning meetings when we discuss notch settings.. – Marcus

The company has done a great job at keeping device owners happy since the Essential Phone’s release. With new modifications, consistent software updates and timely beta releases, they’ve done a great job at dispelling the notion that the company is in dire straits. Although, it doesn’t seem like there will be an Essential Phone 2 unless the company finds more success.

Essential has run their monthly AMA on Reddit for a while now, and we’ve gotten to learn more about the internal workings of the company as a result. We already know that they intend to bring ARCore support in a future update and now we know about their plans for the notch as well. Not only that, but their response about the notch settings shows that they are adding it back purely based on community feedback. The Essential Phone has been a very well supported phone so far, and we’re hopeful that despite earlier reports that we may see a successor.