Essential Phone Receiving OTA That Fixes KRACK Vulnerability and Adds Fingerprint Gestures

Essential Phone Receiving OTA That Fixes KRACK Vulnerability and Adds Fingerprint Gestures

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Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone announcement received a ton of hype it’s easy to understand why. The man behind the company is considered “the father of Android”, so many looked forward to experiencing his vision of a perfect (or essential) Android phone and ecosystem. As it turns out, the new startup has come across a number of issues since its announcement but at least there’s some progress being made. The latest update to roll out to the Essential Phone patches the WPA2 KRACK vulnerability and it also adds fingerprint gestures as well.

One of the selling points of the Essential Phone was that it would be a pure Android experience. Therefore, we were to expect there wouldn’t be any additional bloatware installed and that there wouldn’t be an OEM ROM holding the phone back in terms of performance. Such barebones ROMs are great for those who love Stock Android, but the lack of features might turn some enthusiasts off as well should they be more used to something like OxygenOS.

Over time, we’ve seen the company roll out a number of OTA updates that have managed to improve various aspects of the device. The recent update which focused on camera quality likely stands out to most, since this was something that was really lacking in the past. As the team continues to work on Android, and the upcoming Oreo update, we’re likely to see more refinements added and that is what we’re seeing now with the latest OTA update being rolled out.

Those who are focused on security will be happy to see that this update (build NMJ20D) brings the highly anticipated patches that fix the WPA2 KRACK vulnerability. We’re also seeing that fingerprint gestures support has been added as a feature. It also fixes the resolution/touch scrolling issues that have been reported by multiple users. This is definitely an update that you’ll want to download and install immediately.

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