Essential Phone to Get Tap-to-Wake, EIS, and Project Treble Support

Essential Phone to Get Tap-to-Wake, EIS, and Project Treble Support

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Every two weeks, Essential Products — the startup responsible for the Essential Phone — has staff answer questions from the Reddit community. These AMAs are held in the /r/Essential subreddit, and while some have a theme (such as a recent question-and-answer session about Oreo AMA), others are no-holds-barred. On Wednesday, three Essential Products reps — Rebecca (VP of Software), Sean (Quality Engineer), and Marcus (Software Program Manager) — responded to questions and let details slip about upcoming double tap to wake features, improved electronic image stabilization, (EIS), and Project Treble treble support.

The most popular question had to do with a performance bug — specifically, stuttering when scrolling through a list of items. Marcus said that the Essential team’s been working on it, but that it’s been challenging as a result of the Essential Phone screen’s 60hz sample rate and touch panel. That said, it’s looking to improve latency without affecting performance.

Another question had to do with EIS, or algorithmic software that compensates for shaky video. The Essential Phone shipped without it, but according to Marcus, it’s on the feature roadmap. There’s no ETA, though.

On the subject of Project Treble, Google’s modular model of Android that promises to make updates quicker and easier, the Essential reps in Wednesday’s AMA said that its aiming to pass the Google Compatibility Test Suite — a necessary part of the Project Treble certification process — and attain full compliance. The team’s implementing Project Treble support in the Essential Phone’s Android 8.1 release and is “getting pretty close,” according to Essential.

Last but not least was a request for a double tap-to-wake feature. Marcus said that the team’s actively working on it, but that it’d been put on the backburner for now. Still, he promised to keep everyone posted.

Source: /r/Essential