Essential Phone Update Improves Camera Capture Speed, Low Light Performance, and More

Essential Phone Update Improves Camera Capture Speed, Low Light Performance, and More

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One of the sour points of the Essential Phone among many reviews has been its camera performance. Compared to the stellar camera performance of other flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the Google Pixel 2, it’s hard to see how the Essential Phone can stack up against its competition. Despite some initial delays and security issues, the company has promised to make good on their initial promises. In their first Reddit AMA, the company promised several things including an Android Oreo update with Project Treble support but also improvements to the camera software.

And now, it appears that the company is following through on that promise. In a blog post published today, Essential announced that they are rolling out an update (NMI181C) containing a number of camera improvements. The Essential Camera app itself is also receiving an update in the Google Play Store. Some of the most notable improvements include a faster camera capture speed (40% faster), better low light performance when capturing along with a brighter and better image, and an improved 360° camera mode experience with a spatial sound implementation.

They have achieved these by improving the software operating the dual cameras, using more data from the second camera module in the device. Not only that, Essential has promised future improvements in HDR mode, Pro Mode, live 360 video streaming, 360 video stills and filters, and portrait mode.

These updates should hopefully mean users won’t have to rely on the Google Camera HDR+ port we covered, which actually drastically improved the camera quality of the Essential Phone.

If you have an Essential phone, try it out! The update is rolling out today and you should have it soon, let us know if there are any improvements. Post some pictures and see how it stacks up to the unofficial Google Camera port!

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