Essential Phone’s Camera App Updated with 60FPS Monochrome Video Support

Essential Phone’s Camera App Updated with 60FPS Monochrome Video Support

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The Essential Phone has been a device plagued with problems since its release, and one of its largest criticisms above all else has been its camera. The phone delivered a poor camera experience ranging from the camera stability to the actual quality of the photos it takes, and these issues were simply unacceptable at the original price of the phone. Thankfully, it was discovered that using the Google Camera HDR+ Port actually resolves a lot of the camera issues that users of the device had.

Essential, to their credit, have been working on improving their camera. This has come in the form of many stability and quality centred updates for their camera application through the Play Store, where more credit is due for modularising the camera and being able to upgrade the camera quality without upgrading the whole system. This is the standard method of upgrading system applications outside of OTAs usually, but sometimes camera processing software may be stored separately from the actual camera application.

The latest update brings a number of changes, with the changelog below.

  • Mono video recording now supports 60 FPS
  • Improved OTA flow for 360 Camera updates
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Stability fixes

The update is said to fix a number of crashes across the camera and gallery applications, and also adds monochrome video in 60FPS. This will allow for you to take black and white video in 60FPS natively using just the monochromatic camera sensor, rather than applying processing to the full-colour sensor. There are also some small UI and icon changes.

While still not able to reach levels that it should be able to achieve, the camera has greatly improved since launch and each update pushes it closer to its real potential. If you have the Essential phone, check out the camera application on the Google Play Store down below to see if you’ve updated yet.

Essential Camera
Essential Camera
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