[Update: Germany too] Essential web store now open in the UK, France, Canada, and Japan

[Update: Germany too] Essential web store now open in the UK, France, Canada, and Japan

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Update 4/28/18: The Essential store is also live for users in Germany as well. You can access it here.

Despite the shortcomings Essential has come across as they launched the Essential Phone, they’ve attempted to make amends by the way of improvements to their services with many software updates. Beta testing Android Oreo across multiple releases is an example of how the company wants to make things right and get things done properly the first time around. Essential is one of the only manufacturers to bring Project Treble supported to an already released phone, for example. The Essential Phone’s launch certainly wasn’t smooth, but now the company is aiming to sell the device to a lot more markets than before through its website – namely the UK, France, Canada, and Japan.

A number of conclusions can be drawn from the expansion of Essential’s target markets, all of which spells good news for the company’s future. If it’s expanding then that means it still sees a future in which it can compete and thrive. Not only that, it also means that they are likely clearing stock in preparation for the launch of a future device. Both are good for the Android ecosystem, and with the Essential Phone turning out to be a pretty good phone in terms of support, hopefully, the company can continue its upward trajectory going into the launch of their second phone.

It appears it’s not all doom and gloom for the company, even though it appeared as such at the phone’s initial launch. With the arrival of new modifications and what looks to be a new phone on the horizon, things can only get better from here. If you live in one of the newly launched regions you can grab an Essential Phone while stocks last over on their website. With this news, it may also well be viable to wait for the second phone in their lineup and pick that up instead.

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