Learn to Hack

Learn to Hack

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Today we are looking at a great deal for an Ethical Hacker Bonus Bundle. It’s like that movie Hackers but less cool and without Angelina Jolie. While this bundle of courses is valued at $681, it’s currently on sale for 92% off at only $49, but then you can use coupon code LEARN50 for another 50% off making the final price $24.50. If you’re in a country that doesn’t use USD, don’t worry, the final price will be converted to your local currency upon checkout.

You’ll start with learning ethical hacker techniques which will take you from beginner to advanced. You will also learn WebSecNinja attacks, automated mobile security, penetration testing and more. Put your skills to the test with fun projects like creating your own keylogger.

At the end of your nine courses, you’ll learn how to build a $120,000/year career as a Web Penetration Tester where there’s tremendous demand right now. Get the course now >

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