EU lawmakers to meet this month to USB-C everything, including iPhones

EU lawmakers to meet this month to USB-C everything, including iPhones

We’ve been hearing about EU lawmakers potentially forcing all mobile device manufacturers to adopt the USB-C charging port for a while now. If passed, this law would ensure that all phones, tablets, and headphones sold in Europe have a USB-C port for charging. This change would both reduce e-waste and make people’s lives easier. We’re halfway through 2022, and we still have to carry various cables for charging different devices. Fortunately for users, it seems that we’re inching closer towards a world where USB-C is the universal charging standard. EU countries and EU lawmakers could agree on enforcing a single charging port across all mobile devices next week.


According to a Reuters report, EU countries and EU lawmakers are set to agree on a common charging port for mobile phones, tablets and headphones on June 7. This particular case was first brought up by the European Commission many years ago. Finally, the results could be materializing in the near future. Apple has criticized this move in the past, mentioning how forcing it to use USB-C stifles innovation. Additionally, the Cupertino tech giant believes that users switching from Lightning cables to USB-C ones would create a mountain of electronic waste.

The trilogue next Tuesday will be the second and likely the final one between EU countries and EU lawmakers on the topic, an indication of a strong push to get a deal done, the people said.

Right now, Apple resorts to the Lightning port on all of its iPhones, while it utilizes USB-C on some iPad and Mac models. This inconsistency doesn’t make sense at all, considering that the company referred to the latter as a dated international standard. Additionally, rumors indicate that the 2023 iPhone could include a USB-C port. It could be that Apple didn’t want to give up the control it has (through its proprietary port) but is now pressured into submitting.

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Source: Reuters

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