‘Eva’ curates interesting channels, bots, & stickers in Telegram

‘Eva’ curates interesting channels, bots, & stickers in Telegram

It has been quite impressive watching a small Russian developer team take inspiration from applications like WhatsApp and create something that many believe is the best mobile chat application available today. Telegram started as an application that some would call nothing more than a WhatsApp clone. However, over time the team grew and the Telegram features started to grow, and grow, and grow. Some of these Telegram features have ignited ecosystems of their own which have begun to add a bit of complexity to the platform.

A common example of this in action is the sticker feature that was added to Telegram a long time ago. At first, it was just a set of stickers that were available in the application, but this soon grew into a feature that allowed us the ability to install sticker packs of our own. Now, there are dozens of Telegram sticker websites out there that try to offer you every possible sticker that you could ever want. As you can see, with dozens of websites out there, this can be a daunting task and this is where the Eva application comes into play from XDA Junior Member sfilmak.

Eva is an application that attempts to index all of the stickers that are available for Telegram and offers them to you in one easy to find location. But again, Telegram has expanded again and again and again so stickers aren’t the only things that have become complex for the die-hard fan of Telegram.

So with sfilmak’s Eva application, you can look forward to these features:

  • All useful things for the Telegram app in one place. You don’t need to download each app for different stuff – just find them all in one small app
  • Regularly updated database, which already contains hundreds of useful things
  • You can also add your stickers, channels, and bots – it’s free for everyone
  • Dark theme included

Be sure to check out Eva in our Android Apps forum

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