Evernote is rolling out a major redesign on Android

Evernote is rolling out a major redesign on Android

Evernote has unveiled details for a major redesign that’s currently rolling out to Android. The company said the changes provide users with a “more streamlined Evernote experience.”

There are four components to the redesign: streamlined navigation, improved note editor, new note button, and faster search.

The new navigation menu opens from the left side, so you can quickly access your notes, notebooks, shortcuts, tags, and more. It’s in-line with more modern experiences and puts your notebooks right at your fingerprints without first digging through a menu.

The improved note editor includes new formatting options, better readability, and more consistency across devices. As you can see in the screenshot below, there are tools for changing things such as text, text size, alignment, links, and much more. It makes for a more feature-rich experience and allows users to get more creative while on the go.


The Evernote redesign also includes a new note button. As the name suggests, the new note button allows users to quickly create a blank note — or you can select from a range of other options, like scan a document, record audio, add an attachment, and more.

Finally, the update includes faster search, which was first introduced in Evernote on the web. Faster search allows users to see real-time suggestions as you type. It may not be a feature you use every day, but it’s one of those quality of life improvements that makes the app more pleasing to use.

While Evernote said the update is rolling out now, it’s being made available in the Play Store over the course of several weeks. The latest update only supports Android 10 or newer; Evernote said it’s working to get the app ready for Android 9 and older, but didn’t provide a release timeline.

According to Evernote, some features won’t be available in the new app right away, including an Evernote widget, multi-select, password management support, and more.

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