“Everyday” is a beautiful new Material Theme calendar widget

“Everyday” is a beautiful new Material Theme calendar widget

One of my indispensable home screen widget needs is for calendar widgets, and every home screen setup without one is incomplete. Having my calendar and events available at a glance and always available on my home screen helps me keep track of my schedule and be aware of other important upcoming personal events in my life like birthdays and so on. If you’re like me, you’d appreciate the choice and theming capabilities that Everyday calendar widget brings to the table.

Developed by XDA Recognized Developer Pranav Pandey, Everyday is a widget with two primary setups: month and agenda. Practically every part of the widget can be customized in terms of color (Material Design colors or any other ARGB, HEX or HSV colors) and other options, giving you a lot of flexibility on how you want the widget to appear on your home screen. There are plenty of other customization options such as selecting calendars to display, configuring “first day” of the week, configuring how many days or weeks to display, configuring color code for events, and so much more. The theme engine within the app also has background aware functionality to help avoid visibility issues. The app is free for all of these features, and the only monetization element being present within the app is for backup and restore operations for the app settings.


The plethora of settings and customization options available may seem to be cumbersome for users who just want a ready-made themed widget. We hope the app incorporates pre-built theme options in the future to cover those use cases.

You can follow along with the discussion over at Everyday’s thread in the XDA forums.

Everyday | Calendar Widget
Developer: Pranav Pandey
Price: Free

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