Everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is scheduled to be announced on August 9th at 11 am at the Barclays Center in New York. This is in a little less than 2 weeks from now. It’s hard for Samsung to keep this all under wraps because of how high profile this device is. We have seen leaks that go from official renders to software information to hardware specifications to the launch of the phone itself. It’s sometimes hard to find all of this information, so here is a roundup of everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. We will be updating this with information as we learn it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Design

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. They look almost the same. The Galaxy Note 9 is slightly smaller in the top and bottom bezel, but also slightly thicker. The phone was going to have thicker glass, but Samsung delayed the launch for 2 weeks in order to make the glass thinner and better. On the top bezel, Samsung has added a slightly larger earpiece grill compared to the Galaxy Note 8. This is to make room for the new speaker which will be similar to the Galaxy S9 and S9+. The Note 9 will have the AKG Tuned stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos support. Our source who has used the Note 9 hands-on says that the design of the device matches that of the renders perfectly. The device will most likely be made out of 7000 series aluminum like the Galaxy S9 and S9+, though we can not confirm this. The Note 9 will also be IP 68 water resistant which will allow for water submersion of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

samsung galaxy note 9

Source: evleaks

Source: Nieuwe Mobiel

The back of the device will change just a little. Samsung is keeping the camera array horizontal instead of vertical like the Galaxy S9 and S9+. They are also putting the fingerprint scanner under the camera array instead of next to it. When the fingerprint scanner was next to the camera, it was widely known as being a horrible position and hated by many. The health sensor next to the camera flash will support heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood pressure, just like the Galaxy S9 and S9+. The fingerprint scanner takes design cues from the S9 and moves it under the camera array. There is also a difference in the camera array. The area around the cameras is the color of the phone. On previous phones, like the Note 8 and S9, the color around the camera was black.

The phone is going to come in four colors: Coral Blue, Brown, Lilac Purple, and Midnight Black. We don’t have the official name for the brown color yet. The purple, brown, and black colors come with S Pens that match the color of the phone. The blue phone comes with a yellow S Pen. The color of the S Pen has nothing to do with the hardware in it. The only thing special about the yellow S Pen is the color itself.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen

The new Galaxy Note 9 is going to come with a new S Pen. Our source was calling it a “smart S Pen.” This is because the phone will connect to the S Pen with Bluetooth. The new S Pen can be used as a camera shutter button, slideshow controller, or music controller. We were able to confirm the camera control and music controls in an APK teardown of the AirCommand app from the Galaxy Tab S4. We were also able to find a feature that allows for the S Pen to be able to unlock the phone. Our source was able to go into more detail saying that it would also control slideshows. The S Pen will have integration into games like Fortnite. We don’t know how, but our source said the new smart S Pen will be able to control Fortnite in some way.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Bluetooth S Pen confirmed via Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 firmware

The S Pen is supposed to last for around 200 clicks of the button with Bluetooth. It is also supposed to be able to charge in about 40 seconds. To charge the S Pen you will just insert it into the S Pen socket in the bottom of the phone. With this charging speed and amount of clicks, we can guess the battery size of the S Pen will be around 50 mAh, so it won’t make much of a difference in the 4000 mAh battery inside the phone. We do not know the exact size of the S Pen battery, but it will be small.

Source: WinFuture

We were able to find a lot of the new S Pen features in the strings of the app from the Galaxy Tab S4 firmware. Here is a summary of all the new features we were able to confirm:

  • Control music with the S Pen. This will probably allow you to control music like you can with earbuds by pressing the play/pause button. The S Pen button will probably let you play and pause music while also allowing you to skip music tracks.
  • Use the S Pen as a remote camera shutter. This could be useful in situations where you want to take a picture of yourself and prop up your phone.
  • You will be able to remotely unlock your phone if the S Pen was removed from the phone and then the phone locks.
  • You will be able to press the S Pen button to do more in a range of apps. We don’t know about what other integrations with apps the S Pen will have, though, as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 hasn’t launched.
  • Press and hold the Pen button to open any app or S Pen feature.
  • Set up single and double press Pen actions.

The S Pen will have all of the same features as the old S Pen. You will have the on-screen notepad on the Always On Display. The Coral Blue phone with the yellow S Pen will have yellow ink for this notepad, while the other colors should be white. Live Drawings for the Note 9 is going to be updated with new backgrounds, new ink styles, AR Emoji support, and the ability to export the drawings as an MP4 video. The new ink styles will be hearts, snow, and a color changing rainbow option.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera

The cameras on the Galaxy Note 9 will be an upgrade over those of the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9+. Our source, who owns a Galaxy Note 8, said that the camera on the Note 9 is noticeably better than that of the Note 8. He also said that it is better than the S9+. The camera aperture will be f/2.4 and f/1.5, just like the S9+. There are also rumors of the Note 9 camera using AI depending on the scenery with an AI filter on it.

Samsung ISOCELL Plus Technology

Samsung might be using the new ISOCELL Plus technology showcased at MWC Shanghai. This would allow for better color accuracy and light sensitivity. Pictures could be more color accurate and hold more color information. This could result in more vibrant and true to life pictures. It would also mean videos would have better color accuracy. This could help with HDR support on the camera. The better light sensitivity would also make low light photos better. This could also improve super slow-mo to allow for the ability to record the videos in more lighting conditions than we currently can. Super slow-mo is also changing just a little. It will be 960fps for 0.2 seconds when recording in the auto mode. While recording in the manual mode it will be 480fps for 0.4 seconds. These changes will not seem like much but really make a difference. The difference between 480fps and 960fps is a noticeable one. The normal slow motion will also support 240fps at 1080p.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specifications

The Galaxy Note 9 is going to launch with 128GBs of storage and 6GBs of RAM for the base model. The phone will have either a Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810, depending on your region. The Snapdragon model will be in North America, Latin America, Japan, Hong Kong, and China. The rest of the world will get the Exynos model. That is the only part of the phone that is region dependent. The phone is going to have UFS 2.1 storage for faster transfer speeds. It is going to come with a 6.3″ WQHD+ display. The display is supposed to be about 10% brighter than that of the Galaxy S9 and S9+. The phone is going to have a 4,000 mAh battery. This is 500 mAh bigger than the S9+ and 700 mAh bigger than the Note 8. It is going to have the new smart S Pen with Bluetooth Low Energy. The S Pen should last about 200 clicks and charge in 40 seconds. The cameras are going to be upgraded from the S9+. They will most likely be the same apertures as the S9+ with f/2.4 and f/1.5 on the variable aperture lens which it will be inheriting from the S9+. The second lens will be a telephoto lens at an f/2.4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Display Size6.3” QHD+ (2960×1440) sAMOLED 18.5:9
Glass TypeGorilla Glass 5
Display Color PaletteHDR 10
System-on-chipQualcomm Snapdragon 845/Exynos 9810
RAM Capacity6GB/8GB
Storage Capacity128GB/512GB + Micro SD Card slot (up to 400GB)
Speaker SystemAKG Tuned stereo speakers
Headphone JackYes, 3.5mm
Front Camera8MP front camera with autofocus
Rear Camera12MP with f/1.5 and f/2.4 variable aperture + 12MP zoom lens f/2.4
Battery Capacity4,000 mAh battery
Wireless ChargingYes, Samsung Fast Wireless Charging
Fast ChargingYes, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging
BiometricsIris, Facial, and fingerprint recognition
Water and Dust ResistanceIP68
SoftwareAndroid 8.1 Oreo with Samsung Experience 9.5
S PenSamsung Smart Bluetooth S Pen


Galaxy Note 9 Software and Features

The Note 9 is going to launch with Android 8.1 and Samsung Experience 9.5. We were able to confirm this with a screenshot from the Galaxy Note 9. According to our source who used the device, there is not much new stuff in the software. It’s supposed to be pretty much the same as Android 8.0 and Samsung Experience 9.0 from the Galaxy S9 and S9+. The Note 9 is still going to have Dolby Atmos like the Galaxy S9 and S9+. The Note 9 isn’t going to have a semi-transparent like stock Android. This is going to be the same Samsung experience that we know and love (or hate).

The new features are coming as part of the Note line of phones. With the new Bluetooth S Pen, you will be able to control music, slideshows, and the camera shutter. All of this will be possible because of the Bluetooth support in the S Pen. There will be more features than this to come with it though. We are told that there are lots of new S Pen features coming but were not given any specifics. It is supposed to have integration into Fortnite mobile, which is going to launch with the Note 9 at Samsung Unpacked.

Samsung is also launching Bixby 2.0 with the Note 9. This is going to have a slightly updated user interface. It is also going to have more features and be more accurate. Bixby 2.0 is going to support being linked to 3rd party apps. This will use the Bixby SDK and allow for Bixby to control apps just like how Bixby can control Samsung apps. Bixby 2.0 should support apps like Spotify for controlling music. This is going to really expand the number of apps supported by Bixby. Bixby 2.0 is also getting better natural language processing, noise resistance capabilities, and will get faster response times. Samsung might also be including Viv in Bixby 2.0. Viv was created by one of the founders of Siri before it was purchased by Apple. To learn more about Viv you can watch this talk given by Adam Cheyer about Viv.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Accessories

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is going to be launching with a new wireless charger and a bunch of cases. The wireless charger will be a dual wireless charger that will launch with the new Samsung Galaxy Watch. This new wireless charger can both fast charge the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 while also charging the Samsung Galaxy Watch. This is useful for people who have both devices and like to keep them on a dock to charge at night. This wireless charging dock is connected to a USB Type C cable, which is new for Samsung wireless chargers. The new charger is rumored to cost  €75/$75.

Samsung is also launching their usual cases with the Galaxy Note 9. There will be the clear view case, LED case, and protective standing case. The clear view case allows for you to have the Always On Display show through the flipping front of the case. The LED case has a customizable LED grid on the front that you can set to different options. The last case is a military grade case with a kickstand on the back. The flip view case comes in blue, black, brown, and purple. The LED case comes in blue and gray. The protective standing case comes in gray and black.

Galaxy Note 9 Launch and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is going to be announced at an event on August 9th at 11 am EST. You will be able to watch the live stream on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. During the launch, they are going to show off a couple new accessories for the device. It is said Samsung will be launching an even faster fast wireless charger for the phone. The phone should be available for pre-order between August 10th and August 14th. The phone will be officially available on August 24th. If you preorder you will most likely receive the phone a couple days early.

The phone is going to launch in four colors: Lilac Purple, Brown, Coral Blue, and Midnight Black. The base storage will be 128GBs with 6GBs of RAM. There should be a 256GB storage model also with 6GBs of RAM. There are rumors of a 512GB storage model with 8GBs of RAM coming to Korea. We have also heard rumors that there will be a 512GB storage model with 8GBs of RAM coming to the United States on T-Mobile and Verizon. We are not able to confirm this, so take it with a grain of salt.

The base price of the phone should be $950/€1,029. This will get you the 128GB storage with 6GBs of RAM model. For the 512GB model with 8GBs of RAM, it will cost about €1,250. We don’t have any information on United States pricing. Keep in mind these prices are rumors and are not official. The phone could cost more or less than the rumored prices.

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