EVGA ends partnership with Nvidia, will no longer make graphics cards

EVGA ends partnership with Nvidia, will no longer make graphics cards

How about some juicy PC hardware news to close out the week? In explosive videos produced by GamersNexus and JayzTwoCents, it has been revealed that one of Nvidia’s biggest GPU partners, EVGA, is calling it quits. Why? The relationship has soured and EVGA cites “disrespectful treatment” on the part of Nvidia.

This comes doubly shocking as we’re on the cusp of the 40-series GPUs being revealed by Nvidia, likely at its event next week. Indeed, in its report, GamersNexus states that EVGA already has a number of RTX 4090 prototypes built.

Perhaps the biggest impact of this is the human one. An overwhelming majority of EVGA’s business currently revolves around producing Nvidia graphics cards. And EVGA isn’t entertaining the idea of shifting to AMD or Intel. They’re just done. Completely. Getting out of the GPU business entirely. And that means a lot of people might soon need a job. That could end up being the real story.


In the interim EVGA says it will continue to sell and support the RTX 30 series until inventory has been depleted. Existing customers will still be covered by their warranties and stock has been retained to cover replacements as required. As far as new sales go, EVGA expects to run out of RTX 30-series cards by the end of 2022.

Despite the portion of the company’s business now being lost, EVGA is financially sound and will continue to operate. The business won’t be sold and along with not moving to Intel or AMD, it isn’t expanding into new product categories either. Which makes it even more concerning long term for those people who now won’t be making graphics cards. Even though it’s said they will be redeployed.

Both videos are quite lengthy and go into a lot of detail so definitely check them out to get the whole story. But the bottom line is that EVGA is done, there will be no production run of the forthcoming RTX 40-series beyond the prototypes already manufactured. For Nvidia, they’ll likely do just fine with the 40-series but EVGA has certainly rained on their parade ahead of the grand debut.

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