Exclusive: Here’s our real-world first look at Realme’s MagDart charging

Exclusive: Here’s our real-world first look at Realme’s MagDart charging

Apple launched a new MagSafe wireless charger with the launch of the iPhone 12 series last year. The charger made it easy for users to align the charging coil in their phones with the one in the charger, as it magnetically attached to the back of the phone in the correct location. While many Android phones support Qi wireless charging and some work with Apple’s MagSafe charger, we’re yet to see an Android OEM come out with a similar solution. However, that’s set to change soon as Realme is working on a magnetic wireless charger called “MagDart.”

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a couple of reports about Realme’s upcoming MagDart wireless charger. The company has secured a trademark for “MagDart” from the EUIPO, and we’ve seen renders of two magnetic wireless chargers with Realme branding. In addition, we’ve learned that the Realme Flash could be the first phone to support the upcoming MagDart chargers. Ahead of the launch, we’ve obtained a charging test video of the upcoming MagDart charger that also showcases the Realme Flash phone.


As you can see in the attached video, Realme’s MagDart charger takes around 3 minutes to charge the Realme Flash from 18-26%. Based on this figure, we speculate that the charger will likely take less than an hour to charge the phone from 0-100% (depending on the battery size).

Realme Flash wireless charging stats

A separate image showing the charging conditions further reveals that the battery current is 4.4A and the voltage is around 4V. Since the phone likely has a dual-cell battery, this means that the charger delivers about 35W power to the phone. The charger’s actual output voltage is 10V, with 2V being lost to the internal wired connection to each cell. This means that the charger itself outputs 50W of power. That’s quite impressive for such a small wireless charger.

At the moment, we have no further details about the Realme Flash or the MagDart Chargers. We expect to learn more at Realme’s Mag for Future launch event tomorrow.

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