[Exclusive] New Information About Google’s Allo Has Emerged

[Exclusive] New Information About Google’s Allo Has Emerged

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A week ago, reports emerged after a Redditor that had claimed to be a ‘third level beta tester’ for Google revealed that Messenger will be gradually phased out and that both Allo and Duo will be default apps on Android 7.0. It was also said that Hangouts will be phased out on mobile.

XDA-Developers has since been contacted by a trusted source close to the matter, who wished to remain anonymous. We endorse the veracity of the claim given the source’s relationship to both XDA and Google. This source has revealed several key pieces of information about the future of  Google’s messaging apps and the claims made on Reddit:

  1. There is no such thing as a third level beta tester. There are Googlers, trusted testers, and friends and family.
  2. Neither Hangout nor Messenger will be going anywhere.
  3. Allo only supports Allo messages at this time, there is no cross-app messaging, Google Voice or SMS support.

Whether you’re a Hangouts and Messenger fan or not, Google is certainly delivering a convoluted message with its array of messaging apps as we discussed earlier this year. It may have been for the better if Google had indeed axed or merged a few of their options.

Which apps would you prefer Google to axe or keep? Leave a comment below!