Exclusive: Here are the new camera features in the Samsung Galaxy S20+

Exclusive: Here are the new camera features in the Samsung Galaxy S20+

Next month, Samsung will be launching the new smartphones in its Galaxy S line up. Previously believed to be the Galaxy S11, we now know that the devices will be called the Galaxy S20 series. Thanks to a series of images shared with us by an anonymous source, we got our first real-world look at the S20+. Just inspecting the images alone, we can tell there are at least 4 cameras on the rear and 1 camera on the front. Thankfully, our source also walked us through some of the new camera features on the Galaxy S20+. It is rumored to launch with one of the best modern camera setups on a smartphone. We have a little more info on the camera setup and all the features.


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Megapixels and Sensors

  • Main Camera: Sony IMX 555
    • 12MP 1.8μm pixel size
  • Secondary Camera: Samsung ISOCell S5KGW2
    • 64MP
  • Tertiary Camera: Samsung ISOCell S5K2LA
  • Quaternary Camera: Unknown
  • Front Camera: Sony IMX 374
    • Same 10MP sensor as the Galaxy S10/Note 10
    • Supports 4K 60fps video recording

The first thing to note is the main camera resolution. It is likely going to be the 12MP 1.8μm sensor that was recently mentioned by @UniverseIce on Twitter. This sensor is the Sony-made IMX 555, a currently unreleased sensor. Notable leaker Ishan Agarwal further reiterated the thought that the 12MP 1.8μm sensor will be the main sensor. That leaves the rumored 64MP sensor that is allegedly part of this camera setup. We can confirm it is indeed there, but we are not entirely sure what it will be used for, though.

Samsung Galaxy S20+

What we couldn’t confirm was the existence of a macro lens or a 108MP sensor. The camera app did not present access to 108MP camera output or a macro mode. This software is, of course, pre-release, so it could just be missing, but the more likely explanation is that the device just doesn’t have these sensors. Only the highest-end Galaxy S20 Ultra is rumored to have the 108MP sensor, so its lack of an appearance on our source’s S20+ is ultimately not that surprising. We were also able to confirm that the telephoto lens on the Galaxy S20 and S20+ are 3X zoom with a total of 30X zoom.

Video Recording

We previously reported that Samsung is working on 8K video recording, as evidenced by code and strings we found in the Samsung Camera app. Now we can confirm that [email protected] video recording is indeed present on the Galaxy S20+, to say nothing of the other models in the lineup. I know some cinematographers will be annoyed there is no option to change between 30fps and 24fps, but in my view, Samsung made the right decision locking it into 30fps, the best frame rate for recording video. Unfortunately, our source was unable to test slow motion on their Galaxy S20+ as it crashed upon opening.

Samsung Galaxy S20+

As for other resolutions and capabilities of the phone, the Galaxy S20+ will be able to record in 4K 60fps with video stabilization (likely both OIS and EIS) for both the front and rear cameras. It doesn’t seem like the Galaxy S20+ will support 4K 60fps HDR video, though. 8K 30fps video also will not support HDR, but that’s to be expected at that resolution.

Samsung will also be bringing the zoom-in mic from the Galaxy Note 10 to the S series with the Galaxy S20+. Zoom-in mic is a neat gimmick Samsung added that allows the audio to match the frame you are recording. It would make it so as you zoom in while filming, the audio would also “zoom in” to focus on your desired subject.

Smart Selfie Angle

Along with the capabilities, Samsung will be introducing a new intelligent feature called “Smart selfie angle.” This will detect how many people are in the frame and switch to the wide-angle mode on the selfie camera. This suggests that the single front-facing camera will have a wide-angle lens that normally crops to less wide of an angle. This is the same system Samsung used for the S10 and Note 10.

Single Take Photo

As for camera modes, the Galaxy S20 has a couple of new camera modes we had previously talked about. The first new mode is called “Single Take”. This will basically make you pan your phone around an environment as the phone automatically takes pictures and videos. This mode will also work for selfies. Below you can see a demo of the mode taken by my source. It looks at the scene and will take a bunch of photos and videos. It will then recommend a few and show you the best shot. It even has a custom UI in the gallery.

Pro Video

The other mode is “Pro Video”. This will basically let you use the pro mode settings while taking videos. We don’t have any images or videos of the phone in Pro Video mode because the new mode crashed on our source’s pre-production model.

No Director’s View?

One of the more exciting features that appear to be missing is the Director’s View. Director’s View is a mode designed for video directors. The idea of the mode was to be able to have the phone record out of multiple lenses and be able to automatically track your subject. We first saw evidence for this feature in strings we found in the Samsung Camera app, but the feature isn’t present on our source’s S20+ pre-production unit. This doesn’t mean it won’t ever be on the phone, but it possibly won’t be available at launch.

Camera Setup

As for the camera setup, we can see a total of 4 sensors, though there are actually 6 holes on the rear. On the left, we have 3 camera sensors. These are likely the telephoto, main, and ultrawide cameras. On the right, we have the 4th unknown sensor. Under that, we have a small hole. According to my source, this is a microphone hole that will be used for better audio quality and the zoom-in mic feature. We can also spot the camera flash. According to my source, this flash is basically unchanged from the flash module on the S10 and Note 10.

The camera setup on the Galaxy S20+ looks like it’ll produce superb photos and videos. I am personally excited to get to check out this phone at Samsung Unpacked on February 11th. What about you?

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