Here’s what to expect from Apple’s September Event

Here’s what to expect from Apple’s September Event

Yesterday, Apple finally sent out invitations to its Special Event, which will take place virtually on September 14th. While we already had a fair idea of what Apple will announce at the event, some new information has now surfaced online. It confirms our speculations about the iPhone 13 lineup, Apple AirPods 3, and Apple Watch Series 7, and highlights a few additional details.

According to a Twitter thread by @PineLeaks, here’s what to expect from Apple’s September Event:

iPhone 13 series


  • There won’t be a price hike across the lineup.
  • An under-display fingerprint scanner won’t be present.
  • The Pro models could feature an always-on display.
  • The device thickness and weight will increase, especially on the Pro Max variant.


  • The iPhone 13 mini will offer around an hour of extra battery life.
  • The Pro Max model will have an 18-20% larger battery than the iPhone 12 Pro Max.
  • Both 6.1” models will use the same battery components, with an expected 10% increase in capacity.
  • The Pro model’s battery might not perform as well as the regular 6.1” iPhone due to the presence of a 120Hz display.
  • The displays on the Pro models will switch from 120Hz to 60Hz when in low power mode, with no way to avoid that.


  • All camera sensors will receive at least 15% more light, with the Ultra Wide one seeing up to 40% improvement.
  • Cinematic Video will try to keep the subject close to the center of the frame while ensuring it doesn’t come off as unnatural.
  • The OIS (optical image stabilization) system will switch to a less aggressive and smoother operating mode.
  • Night Mode will be able to recognize when stars are in the scene, and it will adjust accordingly.
  • A new algorithm will analyze structures and resharpen/adjust shadows in nighttime shots.
  • Apple has notably improved the Color Science in Night Mode shots.

AirPods 3

Leaked image of the Apple AirPods 3

(Image: 52Audio)


  • The charging case battery will be around 20% larger than that of the 2nd Generation AirPods.
  • Wireless charging is a standard feature.
  • Batteries inside the actual AirPods should be around the same size as those in the current AirPods Pro.


Apple Watch Series 7

Leaked render of the Apple Watch Series 7 with green and blue straps

(Image: Jon Prosser)


  • The watches will likely receive the most significant battery life upgrade since the original Apple Watch, along with the larger displays.

While this thread reveals quite a few technical details, there’s still much more to look forward to. Apple almost always manages to keep a thing or two under the wraps until the main event. And we can’t wait to find out! Make sure to check back during and after the Special Event for our full coverage, summary, and commentary.

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