Experience a Touch of Ubuntu Touch with its Lock Screen

Experience a Touch of Ubuntu Touch with its Lock Screen

With Ubuntu Touch’s unveiling a couple of months ago, we saw a very funky yet refined mobile user interface. Those who have had their eyes on it for a while now will now be able to experience the lock screen of Ubuntu Touch with Ubuntu Lockscreen for Android.

XDA Senior Member Rotary Heart has done a great job at emulating the look and feel of the touch screen of Ubuntu Touch, minus a few tidbits here and there. Much like the original, Ubuntu Lockscreen has retained essentially every detail and element, such as the big time and date, rotating circle and notification area, and the pinkish, maroon color theme. To unlock the device, all you have to do is simply slide from the right edge to the left.

Customization options are very extensive, allowing you to change the time the lock screen will be activated after the screen goes off, your preferred launcher application, and a whole bunch of animation settings such as circle rotation, animation, and color. Additionally, media controls can be accessed by simply tapping anywhere on the lock screen, and the music player that will be controlled can be selected through the settings. As for security, a password of seven characters can be set through the settings, and will be prompted for when you swipe to the left from the initial lock screen.

It may not be the real deal, but it sure is quite close. Still in beta phase, some bugs may be encountered, and Rotary Heart is active in the forum resolving such issues. Ubuntu Lockscreen is compatible with Android versions 2.1 and newer, and is free from the XDA forums. If you want to give this a go, be sure to head over to the application thread for more information and download.

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