Experiencing Problems with Your SD Card?

Experiencing Problems with Your SD Card?

Whether it be for storing music, videos, photos, development work, or even your various documents, we are now so dependent on our SD cards that if anything were to happen to them, the consequences would be devastating. It’s probably why we all have mini panic attacks every time a PC, phone, or tablet refuses to recognize them, leaving us scrambling for other devices to test with and anguish when they still don’t work.

So before you click that ‘new thread’ button in the Q&A section for your device, it might be advisable to check out XDA Senior Member Deftone‘s guide on SD card issues. It covers some of the most common ones that we have all experienced. Deftones briefly explains issues that may spawn from a corrupted SD card, dirty or scratched contacts (the gold ‘chips’ of the card), corrupt data, the thin and often fragile plastic casing of the card, and the ‘write lock’ switch on the side of the card. Deftone then suggest different fixes for these issues as well as precautions to avoid them from manifesting in the future.


While most of these may come off as extremely basic tips for most users, it’s important to keep in mind that there are issues that some may not have come across, which some have already remedied in some way or another. So before you rush out and format your SD card, make sure you try all you can to avoid your data from being erased.

If you would like to find out more, head over to the original thread for more information and further discussion.

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