Exploring The Differences In Top Cloud Services

Exploring The Differences In Top Cloud Services

In this video I wanted to highlight some of the different features that set these cloud apps apart from each other. I have always just used dropbox and Google drive and haven’t paid too much attention to any other services. So I decided to look at the top five cloud storage solutions and pick out two unique features about each one. Here is what I discovered.


Microsoft’s OneDrive doesn’t have any revolutionary features from within the app. There is one feature where you can scan a document and import it as a PDF which I found somewhat interesting. The real handy feature is the integration with Windows. Your windows computer most likely already has OneDrive software ready to go. Just sign in with your email and password and you’ll have a dedicated folder, within your file explorer, to sync all of your files. This is not a separate application but rather an integrated part of your file system. As far as syncing on the desktop goes, OneDrive nails it.



The Box app comes with the “One Cloud” store which puts all of the compatible apps in one spot. You can browse through and find apps that will work nicely with your cloud storage and install them from the Play store.

The sharing options are really great in this app. Grab a link to a specific file to share with a friend. You can password protect your link and even set an expiration date. This gives you much more control over who is looking at your files and how long they’re allowed to have access to them.



The two best features in Mega are probably pretty obvious. You’re given a massive 50GBs of storage for free and a strong encryption system that keeps your files out of the hands of any unwanted intruders. Sharing your files with the encryption is very secure. Each link you share will  require an encryption key to open. You can either send the key in the URL or send the URL without the key. This is a great feature for anyone sharing sensitive documents.


Google Drive

You can dedicate several articles to the endless features in Google Drive. I’ll just point out my two favorite features which are the integration with Google Photos and the integration with the Google office suite. Open and edit Google Docs, Sheets or Slides from within Google Drive.



Dropbox is fantastically simple to use. Setup takes only a minute or so and you’ll be syncing files across all of your devices. Compatibility is unbeatable. Dropbox is available on Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and tons of other platforms.

When you setup dropbox on your computer it will have the same type of integration that OneDrive has. Your files will be seamlessly stacked within file explorer. The feature I use the most is the ability to right-click on a file from within the file explorer and create a link that I can share.


Which cloud storage do you use and what is your favorite feature about it? Leave a comment below!

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