Extensive Notes For Android Allows For…. Everything!

Extensive Notes For Android Allows For…. Everything!

Notes taking apps for Android are quite abundant. However, no matter how many we have tried, there are always certain things that are missing from them as we tend to think about these kinds of apps as virtual multitools (Swiss Army knife). Well, from the desk of the creator of one of such apps (Classic Notes), we now have a ridiculously complete note’s taking app for Android devices. XDA member plbelanger brings us Extensive Notes, which has the added advantage of… well, there are far to many to list, but you can virtually do anything with this app. You can add notes with media images, use conversion tools in case you need to jolt down something in a different unit system, you can calculate various values for different things such as electricity, BMI (body mass index), TTS (text to speech), and so many more features that it would me almost pointless for us to try and fit them in a single article. This app was not only conceived with the user in mind, but rather with ALL users in mind.

The dev seems to be fond of this app of his. However, feedback is always important for any dev, so if you decide to take it for a spin (and I recommend you do), please leave your comments, thoughts, or bug reports.

So many features, it’s bordering on insanity.

As seen on Lifehacker: 
“Extensive Notes Is a Ridiculously Full Featured Note-Taking App for Android”

You can find more information in the application thread.

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