Say goodbye to blurry photos with Face Unblur on the Pixel 6

Say goodbye to blurry photos with Face Unblur on the Pixel 6

After months of leaks and speculations, Google has finally officially launched the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro today. The Pixel 6 series marks Google’s re-entry into the flagship phones category and comes with some compelling specifications — the new Tensor chip designed by Google, refreshed camera hardware, a modern design, and all the software Goodness from Google. Speaking of software, one such feature that’s been introduced with the Pixel 6 series is Face Unblur. Google’s computational photography algorithms have always managed to impress us, and Face Unblur is no different. As the name suggests, it’s a new feature on the Pixel 6 that aims to fix blurry faces in your photos.


It’s common to have photos with a blurry subject. If the lighting isn’t great or if you’ve shaken your hands while capturing the image, you end up with a blurry photo which can be disappointing. With the Pixel 6, though, you no longer have to be worried about people or faces in your pictures being blurred thanks to the new Tensor chip that has on-device Machine Learning capabilities. The custom-designed Tensor chip enables Google to run its complex algorithms with ease which has resulted in new features like the Magic Eraser which can remove unwanted objects from your pictures.

Face Unblur capturing two images

The way Face Unblur works is that even before you’ve clicked a picture, the camera starts to look for faces in the frame. When it detects a face, the secondary camera, which is the ultra-wide shooter also kicks in to capture two images simultaneously. Essentially, when you hit the shutter button, the primary camera captures the main image with the normal exposure to reduce noise. Along with that, the ultra-wide camera also takes a shot but with a much faster shutter speed to negate the blur. The Pixel 6 then uses Machine Learning to combine the two images and deliver a photo with a clear face and low noise levels.

Face Unblur combining two images

This is an excellent use of Google’s Machine Learning Prowess and helps users take better pictures without having to worry about ending up with a blurred photo. Pixel phones have generally relied on great software more than the hardware to take good pictures, and this is yet another feature in the Pixel 6’s arsenal that makes it a great pick for camera enthusiasts. If you’re planning on getting yourself the Pixel 6 or the Pixel 6 Pro, you can check out the best deals to save a few extra bucks and take advantage of some offers.

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