Facebook for Android adds bottom tabs for better one-handed use

Facebook for Android adds bottom tabs for better one-handed use

The Facebook app on Android has seen several design changes over the years and the company keeps bringing new UI updates in order to make the app feel a bit more streamlined. For instance, Facebook started testing a new tabbed News Feed earlier this year to give users easier access to the Most Recent and Already Seen posts in their feed. Now, in a bid to make the Facebook app easier to use with one hand, the company has started rolling out a new UI which adds bottom tabs to the app.

As you can see in the attached screenshots, the latest update for the Facebook app moves the six tabs from the top of the app all the way down to the bottom. The new UI is available in version (and newer) of the app and following the update, you should see a prompt highlighting the recent UI update. While the change might not seem all that significant, it will surely make it easier to use the app with just one hand, especially on large screen devices, and consequently, eliminate the need of finger gymnastics or the need to use the phone with two hands. The new UI update doesn’t appear to be a limited test, as a number of users of Reddit have also reported seeing this new tab location, albeit on a slightly newer version of the app. If the test yields the results that Facebook is hoping for, we expect the change to roll out to a wider audience over the next few days.

Thanks to XDA Senior Member Some_Random_Username for the screenshots!

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